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It only looks edible...

I’ve always had an affinity for things that look or smell like food. I am attracted to all things cute, sweet, scented, and basically any happy food connotation. I also love unique soaps and cosmetics. After spending a lot of time trying to find products that possessed particular qualities, but not having much success, I decided the only way to get them was to make them myself!

I have also spent a good bit of my life dealing with finicky skin conditions, so it is very important for me to craft items that not only look and smell delicious, but also have gentle and practical ingredients. I crave cosmetics that are visually appealing AND serve a purpose! Every ingredient in each product has been meticulously researched and carefully chosen, as well as tested on myself. It’s imperative to take care of our bodies. We only get one!

If I can make something that brings joy to someone, then I feel successful. I hope you enjoy sharing this particular art with me. Thank you for visiting!