Custom soap cupcakes

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Custom soap cupcakes
Custom soap cupcakes
Custom soap cupcakes
Custom soap cupcakes
Custom soap cupcakes

Custom soap cupcakes will come pre-sliced and packaged unless otherwise noted.

Each batch will contain approximately 20-24 cupcakes of approx 3 oz each. 

Our company uses Cold Process soaping method. This means that our soap is created from scratch using oils and sodium hydroxide (lye). Cold Process soap requires minimum 4-6 weeks curing time. For this reason, we must ask that ALL CUSTOM ORDERS provide at least 8 to 10 weeks for production. It could be less, but we can discuss that at the time of manufacture. 

We can create soap cupcakes of any fragrance or color featured on the site. If you are looking for something new, please contact us so we can discuss your idea! Our suppliers can usually have supplies shipped to us within 7 business days. We try to include that in the 8-10 week production time. 

SOAP CUPCAKE BATCHES START AT $130. THIS INCLUDES SHIPPING. This includes simple 1 layer design, up to 3 colors and optional piping on top. If your soap does not require us to purchase new materials from the manufacturer, we may offer a discount at our discretion. 

We offer a variety of oil choice including: 
- Soybean 
- Canola 
- Corn 
- Olive 
- Coconut 
- Vegetable Shortening 
- Grapeseed 
- Sweet Almond 
- Shea butter 
- Cocoa Butter

We recommend choosing at least 1 hard oil (coconut or shortening) and one liquid oil for best soap integrity. 

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT USE VANILLA COLOR STABILIZER IN OUR PRODUCTS! This is important because MOST fragrances which smell like food contain Vanillin. Without stabilizer, Vanillin WILL turn soap brown. For this reason, certain fragrance combinations will not be possible with certain colors. (For example, we could not make you soap with buttercream fragrance if you want it to be any color lighter than chocolate brown. Colorants will not work.) We do not use color stabilizer because it is not cost effective for us, and its' effect is questionable at best, while only delaying the inevitable. 

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPERFECTIONS WHICH DO NOT AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE SOAP! We want you to be happy and satisfied with your order. However, please be aware that certain properties are out of our control. Sometimes soap will develop aesthetic qualities such as soda ash, glycerin rivers or dew, or minor discolorations. Each batch is a unique creation which can be affected by the weather that day. 

PLEASE CONTACT US as soon as possible regarding your custom order! We will be happy to give you any details about the possibilities. The fastest way to contact is through messaging our facebook page. 

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