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Minty Chocolate Soap Cupcake

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Minty Chocolate Soap Cupcake
Minty Chocolate Soap Cupcake

Minty Chocolate Soap Cupcakes are here to fancy up your chilly nights! They are made with crisp, refreshing peppermint essential oil, and contain real natural cocoa powder to soften and condition your skin. Relax your tired bones with some chocolate peppermint bath time suds. Kaolin clay, shea butter and plenty of luscious coconut oil help to lock moisture into your cool, revitalized skin.

Since this product contains cocoa and strong essential oil which can be absorbed through skin or irritating to sensitive respiratory tracts, this product should be kept OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! It looks and smells tasty, but do not eat!

This is a handmade, hand cut product and may have slight defects that will not affect the quality of the soap. Weight may vary slightly. Weight listed will be for the lightest bar in that particular batch. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ingredients or production, please contact me! I will be happy to assist.

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