About Us

SugarFree Cosmetics started from one person's extreme love of chocolate. I needed chocolate candles, toothpaste, wine, perfume, and literally anything chocolate. I could never get enough. When I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I decided the only way was to make it myself. 

I am eternally grateful for other food-themed soap artisans who showed me that what I wanted was possible. I purchased items from these providers before finally deciding that my own needs were too specific, and that I needed custom products for my own liking. When all of my family and friends fell in love with my products, that's when it was time to start a small business. Years later, we have built a nice presence online and traveled to many craft and vendor shows in many different states! 

I have suffered from many skin sensitivities and eczema for most of my life. During childhood, I visited several different doctors and had to show complete strangers my bare body because so many treatments never helped, and many seemed to irritate my skin further. I spent much of my childhood itching, in pain, and being embarrassed and bullied for my horrible skin. That's why it is SO IMPORTANT to me, to use quality ingredients and create gentle products. Solid soap really gets a bad rap these days, because so many people are familiar with the tightness and drying effect from cheap soaps made by companies that don't care about us. 

It's also difficult to be a soap artisan these days, as many people are becoming educated and worry more about preservatives and dangerous chemicals. When it comes to compounds such as cosmetics and body products, preservatives are sort of a necessary evil. They are necessary to prevent molds and bacteria which could make us seriously sick. As a Mortuary Science graduate and someone with a background in chemistry and science, it was so important to me to research every preservative compound and choose the right one for my purposes. Everyone's needs are different, and there's not one perfect chemical that is "good" for every person. But if anyone has questions about the ingredients in my products, I am happy to share with them my information and why I used those compounds. Everything we put in or on our body all boils down to a ratio of benefit to risk. The benefits to you must be greater than the risk, and those are different for everyone. 

I am NOT a doctor or medical professional, but I am a fellow person with very sensitive skin. I create products that I would proudly use on myself or my infant son.  

It brings me great joy to combine art with skincare in order to create luscious soaps and cosmetics that have been used by people all over the world. Bringing happiness and relief to others is so satisfying, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do that. I hope to continue providing quality products well into the future, with the support of friends, family, and loyal clients.