Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk

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Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk
Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk
Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk
Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk
Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk
Dreamy Silk Soap Bar - Carrot & Silk

Our most luxurious and ostentatious soap yet. Don't let the simple appearance fool you! This is one special soap that was made with extra, extra love. 

This bar was formulated to be extra rich and pampering, while catering to sensitive skin and those who prefer a gentler product. 

It contains: 
- Natural organic carrots - superfood rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants. Believed to contain nutrients that fight signs of aging. 
- Natural tussah silk - soothing, softening, can help ease some symptoms of skin conditions
Natural local honey - Naturally antibacterial, cleansing, boosts complexion and glow, may help fight signs of aging, 
Yogurt - Natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Soothing, moisturizing, source of lactic acid. 
Turmeric - Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Can soothe redness or dryness. 
FRAGRANCE FREE FORMULA. Unscented for those who need or prefer a gentle, no-added-fragrance formula. The only smell in this bar comes from the light aroma of the natural shea butter contained therein. 
COCONUT FREE FORMULA. This soap contains a vegetable base that is free of coconut, per request of a loved one with an allergy. 
- NATURAL PIGMENTS ONLY - The only colorants used in this soap come from the carrots, turmeric, and titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral). 

This product is NOT vegan. It contains milk and honey products. This is a handmade, hand cut product and may have slight defects that will not affect the quality of the soap. Weight may vary slightly. Weight listed will be for the lightest bar in that particular batch. 

Consult physician before use if unsure about your skin conditions. The above statements are just broad information about the ingredients, found through research. Our products DO NOT heal or treat any condition. Use with caution. 

Looks tasty but do not eat! Keep out of reach of children. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ingredients or production, please contact me! I will be happy to assist.

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