Fire Opal Style Midi Ring Set

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Fire Opal Style Midi Ring Set
Fire Opal Style Midi Ring Set
This is a set of randomly sized rings meant to be worn at the same time. These shiny, silvery fashion rings look positively opulent. The iridescent faux-opal rhinestones complement the ornate aesthetic, making the wearer feel like royalty.

They are priced to move, but nobody will know that but you! 

PLEASE NOTE: We only have one set of these rings. You will receive the set in the photos. Since they are made by hand, you may notice minor imperfections. These are not noticeable unless someone is up close and trying to sniff your hand (that is at your discretion.) 

7 RINGS for under $20!
You can't beat it! 
Rings are sized randomly from approx US size 4 to US size 9. 
They are meant to be worn at all lengths of the finger.
Wherever they fit and look pretty!